LMS Learning Management Systems

Startups have realised that - to build knowledgeable + productive teams, team learning must be an ongoing focus. Choosing the right learning management system (LMS) will help attain this goal. There are certain benefits and features that BlueSense LMS offers - that will make startup learning more effective.


Enterprise LMS

Our Enterprise LMS is a startup learning solution that is bespoke for large startups. Our team designs it in a way that is scalable + can grow as your startup grows. New courses can be added as the need arises. Our Enterprise LMS is cloud-based and hosted on a secure off-site server + will allow access to the learning products on computers, mobile phones + sometimes offline via a secured application. 


Why organisations choose us as a system, learning management systems help to streamline learning activities in any organisation. Organisations like yours choose us because - 


 -  Access learning on the go

 -  Easy accessibility via any device to capture opportunities for learning

 -  Flexibility in learning pathways

 -  Ability to set up specific learning pathways + plans for teams

 -  Use a variety of learning materials

 -  A wide range of learning sources, from MOOCs to user-shared materials

 -  Analyse learning patterns

 -  Analytics that provides a progress report of every user 

 -  Learning Automation

 -  Automation of many learning processes and follow-up support are some       of the many reasons organisations choose us for LMS internal training

Peter Drucker famously said: ‘Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.’ BlueSense Learning assesses your team to know what challenges them on a day-to-day basis; we then build out a proactive workshop curriculum that equips your team with the knowledge and skills they need to attain set goals & objectives.

At our core as a consulting firm is the passion for training and developing people. Learning improves startup teams effectiveness. We believe that customer/client-focused training should form the bedrock of every good training program. BlueSense fulfils this commitment by first finding out what your business needs are and what your customer's/client's needs are. Then we find out the best learning styles for your employees. And finally we offer your organisation, training in a style that is perfectly tailored to meet your challenges. 

How BlueSense Learning works: we assess your team to find out what challenges them on a day-to-day basis; then build out a proactive workshop curriculum that equips your team with the knowledge and skills they need to attain set goals & objectives. The health of your business is not so different from that of your body; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you were choking, would you rather your friends try to learn the Heimlich manoeuvre right then and there or would you prefer that they already had training and practice doing it? Training is proactive. It keeps your company healthy and prepared no matter what crisis arises. If you don't train, you force everyone to be reactive, so your chances for survival decreases.