BlueSense's objective is to help startup founders in the continent gain clarity

BlueSense & Company

Key Case Studies​

i. Earlier this year, we helped a financial tech startup in Canada 3x sales. The organisation was struggling closing new accounts and the executives were also running out of ideas on how to inspire their team of 70. We had a few strategy sessions with the team leads to fully understand their perspectives and challenges and in the end proffered practical solves for the current crises. After our sessions, their sales shot up by three times the previous quarter and is still growing. 


ii. Last year, we completed research for a top university in the Russell Group, UK - University of Leeds, UK; in that research, BlueSense conducted a study - by collecting data from a random selection of 8 banks in Nigeria; prior to the research, we successfully collected sample data from 3 Relationship Managers and 7 Relationship Manager Clients’ to test that we could successfully carry out this survey in. From our consultation sessions with the University’s researchers, we garnered better insights into what the research should entail and exactly how we will go about execution. We received sterling feedback on our work and are current research partners with the University for future work.