About BlueSense


BlueSense & Company is a business intelligence consulting firm that is committed to improving clarity, trust, and learning in the workplace.

BlueSense has three core competencies:

Analytics, Strategy and Learning. i. BlueSense Analytics helps you gather data and information that helps your company improve processes. ii. BlueSense Strategy helps you garner the most insightful information you need to make critical decisions that can give your company a competitive edge. iii. BlueSense Learning is at our core and helps you effectively build a competitive team that sets your company apart.

Our History

We started our consulting services 7+ years ago; since then we have been a quiet reasoning partner alongside a number of companies + international organisations in a variety of sectors. Working hand-in-hand with top tier executives like you to guide them through the rough patches of building a robust business in the continent. 


Mission Statement

Our mission is to help build the next generation of top tier companies in the continent. 



Our values are Simplicity. Innovation + Challenging Excellence. 

i. Simplicity: we believe the most complex problems in the world can be solved by clarity in thinking. We have a robust history of simplifying challenges for our clientele. ii. Innovation: we help companies find the most innovative ways to improve their teams + company. iii. Challenging Excellence: we work with exceptional clients whom we support to raise their game to #1 in what they do; not just in the continent but in the world. 



Africa is becoming the next hub for companies + innovation; we want to be the go to consulting firm for companies in the continent - for advisory, learning + strategy. 

Core Competencies

Strategy we have spent 7+years working successfully with companies, helping executives successfully navigate treacherous business paths in challenging economic times. While our advice can be simple, we offer a rigorous approach to simplifying + solving complex problems. These include, identifying unrealised issues and the accomplishment of high objectives with less risk and more certainty. Our strategy + advisory team is committed to supporting your company to building an organisation that is robust + focused on solving challenging issues when they arise. Analytics

helps gather data + intel that helps your company improve processes, overcome everyday challenges and boost user satisfaction. We have helped companies around the continent gather detailed and insightful data. We would be happy to help you achieve your research goals by working closely with you in understanding the sort of data you require for your research through our robust business consultation process. 


Learning we assess your team to find out what challenges them on a day-to-day basis; then build out a proactive workshop curriculum that equips your team with the knowledge and skills they need to attain set goals & objectives. The health of your business is not so different from that of your body; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you were choking, would you rather your friends try to learn the Heimlich manoeuvre right then and there or would you prefer that they already had training and practice doing it? Training is proactive. It keeps your company healthy and prepared no matter what crisis arises. If you don't train, you force everyone to be reactive, so your chances for survival decreases. 


BlueSense Executive Advisory Executives are arguably the most important group in an organisation. They usually have the most overt power and their decisions have implications for the entire organisation; yet the executive team is often poorly resourced to accomplish its tasks. In the last 10years, particularly the past 4months, there’s a surge in the utilisation of senior teams for top leadership as the workplace becomes more complex due to globalisation and remote work.

BlueSense Team Advisory How does your team make decisions when you’re not in the room? High-performance teams don’t happen by accident; they happen purposefully. Our team advisory + coaching helps your team take charge of their key team functions: setting direction, creating alignment throughout the organisation, building wholesome commitment needed to accomplish your business’s objectives. 

How we work we assess your team to find out what challenges them on a day-to-day basis; then build out proactive solves that equips your team with the knowledge and expertise they need to solve pressing problems and attain set goals & objectives.